Regarding general educational studies, the boys take classes that correspond to the same courses in Primary and Secondary school. As for musical studies, the students can complete every elementary level course as well as the first and second Proficiency Grades.


  •       General Education

In the general education of students, we provide individualized attention thanks to the small number of pupils per class (each class containing around 10 students). We have also been incorporating new technology into our curriculum and educational goals and look to take advantage of new possibilities in the future. We participate in various projects online and the students from 6th Primary to 2nd Secondary classes have the chance to work with iPads.


  •        Musical Education

    In the music curriculum at Montserrat, we emphasize the fact that, besides their main instrument, each chorister also studies piano. We also stress that music should not be studied only from a theoretical or technical perspective, but also practically as a daily requirement. Through this, the quality of music produced increases, especially in the specific fields of choral, vocal, and reading music. We work to ensure the formation of joint instrumental work through ensemble, orchestra, and in some cases, chamber music practice. Some of the students that are more advanced in the study of their instrument and piano also have the opportunity to study organ.
  •        Music Curriculum

o   Elementary Grade

-  Music Language

-  Primary Instrument

-  Piano (only in upper Primary)

- Choral Lessons: Rehearsals, Repertoire, Vocal Techniques

-  Instrument Groups

o   Proficiency Level

-  Music Theory – Harmony

- Primary Instrument

-  Piano

-  Choral Lessons: Rehearsals, Repertoire, Vocal Techniques

-  Orchestra

- Chamber Music


  •     Instruments Available to Study in the Escolania

-  String Instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass

-   Brass: French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone

-   Woodwinds: Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet

-   Piano and Organ


  •  Proficiency Exam

At the end of Elementary Level Music (corresponding to Upper Primary), the boys are tested in order to move to the proficiency levels, much like other boys of their age that wish to follow regulated musical studies. The difference between other music schools and Montserrat is that the boys can take the first two years of the Proficiency Levels here in the school.