Russia and Norway Tour

The Escolanía will be having a concert at the International House of Music in Moscow, Russia and will be performing with the Choir of the Cathedral of Oslo in Norway.

n Thursday, January 23rd, the Escolania has been invited to Moscow, Russia to participate in an international festival of school children. This festival is the same festival that the Escolanía was invited to in 2013. During this event in 2013, which happened to be the festival's 10th anniversary, the Escolania was regarded as one of the "most favoured choirs". Taking advantage of the journey to Moscow, they will be stopping in Norway to perform in cooperation with the Escolania of Oslo, who recently performed in Montserrat a couple of years ago. It will be the first time that the Escolania has performed in Norway.

Concert in  Moscow:
On Thursday January 23rd of  2020, at 7p.m.
Place: Dom Musike (Performing Arts Center)

Concert in Oslo:
On Saturday 25th January of 2020 at 5p.m.
Place: Trefoldighetskirken (Trinity's Church)
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Mass in the Oslo's Cathedral a la Catedral, On Sunday January 26th in the morning.