Director of the Choir

Llorenç Castelló, born in Barcelona in 1976, he began his musical studies at the Escolania de Montserrat where he studied under Fr. Ireneu Segarra from 1986 to 1990. Llorenç has advanced degrees in musical theory, composition, and piano from the Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu. He is a professor of Music Education at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.


Since its inception, Llorenç has been a member of the Capella de Música de Montserrat, the men’s choir that occasionally accompanies the boy’s choir. In 2009, he became the Assistant Director of the Escolania de Montserrat, and in 2012 he was also entrusted with the direciton of the Capella de Música de Montserrat. In 2014, Llorenç became the director of the Escolania de Montserrat, with the intention of carrying on the strong tradition he received as a chorister. With regard to the music that Montserrat has cultivated for centuries, Llorenç hopes to open the choir to modern musical projects.